Steven Crumblehulme the founder of Menomagic.

Your Peri Pathway was super excited to interview Steven Crumblehulme the founder of Menomagic.

So, what inspired you to develop menomagic?

My Mum, mostly.  She had suffered with a range of menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes, night sweats, sleep problems and anxiety for a number of years.  When I would see her, I would give her a Reflexology treatment, which she always found to be beneficial.  However, we don’t live close to each other, and she would often comment that she wished she could take my hands with her for times when she felt her symptoms.  Mum had always used my homemade hand cream, and so one day, she suggested whether I could come up with a cream that could help with her hot flushes, mainly.  I’d never thought of it, but then one of my clients asked a similar question, so I went about researching which essential oils would be beneficial for symptoms experienced during the menopause.  Finally, I came up with a blend of four essential oils; peppermint to cool, lavender to calm, rose geranium to improve mood and clary sage to balance.  I called it ‘Menomagic’ and gave it to my Mum and a couple of clients as gifts for Christmas.  That was in 2017, and I thought no more of it.

Did you have any experience of making creams oils?

Yes, when I completed my Reflexology training, I did a short blending course.  In this, I learned about blending creams to use in my own treatments – specifically, I created a recipe for a foot, hand and face cream.  All had their own unique blend of essential oils and I have continued to use these with my clients for the various treatments I offer.


What actually got you going into making menomagic into a business?

After Christmas of 2017, my Mum called to say she loved the cream and that it really worked for her. She said that, on experiencing a hot flush, she applied it (as I’d suggested) to pulse points, such as the inner wrists, behind the ears and on the neck, to help cool her skin down. 

With the cream, her flushes were only lasting a few seconds, then started to calm down again.  She asked if I’d make some for her friends, whom had also tried it and found it effective.  To my surprise, my clients that had tried it told me a similar story. I decided that this was something that many people could benefit from and so I started to research how to get my blend tested so that I could sell it commercially.  I then launched the cream, now called the ‘all in one cooling cream’ (as it later was found to help with sleep, itchy skin and anxiety) on World Menopause Day, 2018.

Your business has gone from strength to strength! What has been your best highs? What would you have done differently?

It continues to be a high to get positive feedback, especially from those that claim the cream has changed their life, because they hadn’t found anything else that worked for them.  It’s always great to know that it helps so many during peri, menopause and post menopause. I think another high was when we had national press in March 2019.  Mum and I had recorded an interview with a freelance journalist in January of that year, and didn’t hear any more after that.  The day before the news broke, the journalist called me to say our story would be printed in 4 national newspapers online.  The next day, we sold out of all stock in 2 hours, it was unbelievable. 

In terms of what I would have done differently, I think it would have been to keep in contact with the journalist to be better prepared – it took almost two months to process all the sales that continued to build whilst I had more creams made up and, whilst it was great to be so successful, it was very stressful and I wished I’d been more prepared!


Can you tell us more about your products?

After the first year, I decided to expand the range slightly, again using Mum as my willing guinea pig.  She decided it would be nice to have a pillow spray, a richer body cream and a face serum.  From customer feedback, I also wanted to have a travel size version of the original ‘cooling cream.’  

So, this led to a 50ml and 15ml size of the ‘all in one cooling cream’ which people find helpful for calming down during a hot flush or night sweat, and many customers rub it into their feet before bed to help them sleep.  The calming aroma of the oils is also great for anxiety.  

The 50ml Marula Oil Facial Serum has oils such as frankincense, apricot, rose damask and rose geranium.  It’s a light serum that can be used as a night oil or during the day with make-up on top.  The oil is great for helping to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and its rich in Vitamins C and E to help hydrate and repair skin.

The 100ml pillow spray contains both lavender and rose geranium.  We advise people to spray it onto their pillow and linen a few minutes before bedtime, and the lovely aroma helps to calm and relax you for sleep.

Finally, our 100ml she body butter contains lavender and rose geranium again, and is great for dry, itchy skin – which is a very common symptom of the menopause. 

What other talents do you possess? ie sleep/anxiety

Before getting into complementary therapies, my background was in Psychology.  I have both a Batchelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology, which I often use to help with aftercare for my clients.  For example, I get many clients coming to me with sleep and anxiety problems, so I’m able to draw on my training to help find solutions that work for them. 

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