Make your Workplace Menopause Friendly

Menopause at Work

Menopause is indeed everyone’s business! Yep, it really is, when you consider that there is 3.5 million working women in the UK ages 50 – 65. In addition, there are over 4.3 million working women aged 45-60. 

These women are potentially peri-menopausal or post-menopausal it really is essential that we, as business owners are up to date on this stage in a women’s life and think about the most recent legislation to support all staff. 

The return on investment for this cause speaks for itself as it can help women to stay in the workplace rather than sadly give up work prematurely. You will also enhance your companies reputation of excellence by having a menopause policy in place, ensuring that you value your staff by making the workplace an environment that is inclusive for all disability and health conditions.

Did you know that the symptoms of menopause are not simply the cessation of periods or suffering of hot flushes. There is far more to the menopause than that. Some women never have a hot flush, yet will still have symptoms of the menopause.

There is a vast array of symptoms that can arise and impact on women due to changing levels of oestrogen. Some experience mild symptoms that may be bearable, whilst others really do suffer immensely. Women’s confidence and self-esteem take a huge dip, energy levels go South whilst fatigue flies North and can impact their enjoyment of life.

VICTORIA HOWELL HEALTH & WELLBEING provides education and support, so your workplace has an appropriate toolkit to support women and their colleagues in the workplace. We can currently operate these via Zoom, or face to face, strictly adhering to social distancing measures, so you may wish to take advantage of this during Lockdown. We provide training for anyone in a leadership or management role and general awareness for ALL in the workplace.

Help your Workforce Wellbeing by preparing your organisation for Menopause.

Menopause is not a taboo word and people should have no need to feel embarrassed talking about it.

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