The menopause has historically been rather a taboo topic, which is sad as all women will go through the menopause at some point in their lives. It is important the the profile of perimenopause and menopause is raised, so all people feel comfortable talking about it.

Many women have no idea what is happening to them as they start their perimenopause journey. Through this time women will still be having regular periods so why would they consider perimenopause is the reason they are suddenly not being able to concentrate, have joint pain, lose their libido, (to name a few symptoms) Without being informed, women may struggle for years, putting themselves under more pressure to power on through the symptoms.

To this day many GP’s are not provided with training regarding the menopause, therefore it can be a lucky dip if women go to a GP with menopause symptoms and get the right treatment. Sadly, still today many women are misdiagnosed with anxiety or depression or even conditions such as fibromyalgia, when the actual cause maybe peri-menopause.

Many women have told VICTORIA HOWELL HEALTH & WELLBEING that they miss who they were. They report symptoms such as no or incredibly low energy, they no longer feel any joy about things, they may have brain fog and keep forgetting things mid-sentence. These are just a few symptoms.

Menopause Support for You

How can we help you? Well, for you to be here, I am assuming that you are wondering if your symptoms could be to do with the menopause. Well, it could well be, so please do read on to learn more.

The menopause can occur at ANY time in a woman’s life. It can occur in the 20’s or 30’s however, most occur in the 40’s & 50’s. 1 in 100 women will endure premature ovarian insufficiency or POI, this is when the menopause starts under the age of 40, it can even happen to women in their teenage years. Trans gender people also endure the menopause.

The peri-menopause is the stage in a woman’s life when hormone levels start to diminish and fluctuate, this stage can last from a few months up to 10 years prior to the actual menopause.

The menopause is defined as 12 months after the last menstrual period. So, if you have gone a few months without a period, then have one, you are not yet defined as menopausal and could still get pregnant.

The symptoms of the peri-menopause vary so much. Many women come to me and report symptoms that they had no idea were related to the peri-menopause. 

How does a consultation flow? Well, first of all you may wish to contact us for more information and a simple chat to find out if you would like to book a consultation.


Either face to face (following strict infection control) or via Zoom. Many women like to have the initial 90 minute consultation then a few weeks later a 60 minute session. Some feel they need support every month until they have got their symptoms under control, others have been happy to have the 1 x 90 minute session. This is all driven by you and your needs. 


This is provided in a confidential, relaxing environment. Victoria will put you at ease and will talk through your relevant medical history. A full assessment regarding your symptoms and how you are feeling will be taken. This is an important consultation as it is an opportunity for you to feel that you are fully being listened to; to enable the best possible outcome for you.

This session lasts 90 minutes to allow you plenty of time and to not feel rushed, like you may do at your GP surgery. This is time for you. To enable learning and understanding of your body and symptoms. The outcome will be a clearer understanding of your body, what is happening to it and how you may wish to manage this transitional stage in your life.

This will empower you to get back your life and feel you have your mojo back.

The menopause is not the end of your journey, it can be the start of an extremely exciting new one.