“Victoria is a pleasure to work with. Very caring, very attentive, she would do anything to make sure her clients receive all the attention they deserve. You couldn’t ask anything more from a health & wellness professional. I would definitely recommend her to any women entering menopause or perimenopause. Her knowledge on the subject is second to none.” SC July 2020

“I felt empowered and informed and feel much more at ease with my career progression. I cannot recommend Victoria’s  coaching highly enough and will use her services again in the future.” SH March 2020

“Your talk was from the heart and jam packed full of info and advice. Thank you for getting the room to open up and discuss/ask questions so freely!” BJ March 2020

“We loved the talk, already had feedback from the ladies that they learnt something(s) and were very happy that we could all discuss and ask questions in an open way and that you were happy to field ANY questions!! We would love for you to join us again!!” Billie, Empower March 2020

“My time spent being coached by Victoria has been invaluable. She has encouraged me to look at my professional life in a different way, helping me to realise what was important to me in my job roles both in the past and in the present enabling me to make a clearer choice about my future career development.” DH February 2020

“Victoria is a extremely competent coach who values the confidentiality of her clients highly and takes her own professional development very seriously. She works hard to make you feel at ease and encourages and supports you to engage in the coaching process.” DS February 2020

“Victoria’s approach to coaching makes for a delightful experience. Her calm & friendly manner helps you to explore the issues that you’re facing, without any fear of judgement. Everything was broken down easily to allow me to really see what I was dealing with, before putting plans in place to help address those issues. I have booked another group of sessions & 10/10 would recommend”. OP August 2019

“Victoria is an individual with the highest integrity, open & honest & is great to work with”. Jan Crozier Independent Nurse Consultant June 2019

“Victoria’s management skills are superb & she encourages those around her to thrive. Always approachable, Victoria shows compassion & understanding when dealing with clients whilst maintaining a professional approach. Her attention to detail ensures that her work is exemplary & she ensures the work of her team is of an equally high standard. A very innovative & conscientious worker that easily stands out head & shoulders above others”. Amy Corben-Hale May 2019

“When I started working in the NHS it was a case of doing the best I could in my role. Later on after 26 years in the NHS in various roles, I was introduced to the prospect of being coached. Through the early part of my coaching programme it became apparent that I was very naïve of my potential which meant that my focus in coaching was to explore my career surroundings as well as my non work lifestyle. Since my coaching has finished I have progressed my career and my lifestyle, which has meant that I have felt great satisfaction. Great Kudos to my coach mentor Victoria”. Colin Lakey August 2019

” I had the pleasure of working in the same office as Victoria. I observed her as a colleague, Leader, Coach & Mentor. It’s very rare you get to observe such integrity in an individual, she is meticulous, analytical, tenacious, empathetic, approachable, resilient in the face of adversity & her concern for her colleagues & team members & their well-being is admirable, we need more managers like Victoria. Victoria’s passion for coaching & mentoring is simply inspiring, she was always more than happy to assist me with my own team members with coaching & mentoring, it is clear this is her passion developing & supporting individuals to meet their full potential. I highly recommend Victoria as a colleague, manager, mentor or coach & I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with her again”. Clare Oldman IT Service Desk Team Leader June 2019

 “Victoria also demonstrates compassion and empathy for others. Victoria is highly professional and a pleasure to work with.” Vicky Newbery June 2019

“Coaching with Victoria was a very positive experience. Victoria helped me to reflect & pinpoint what I wanted to do career wise as well as support me to more personal goals. The support & guidance she gave me helped to push myself to achieve things I thought were beyond me due to anxiety & depression. I worked with Victoria when she was my manager, the skills & confidence I gained while being coached by Victoria allowed me to begin a career I thought was beyond my reach. Victoria has a very kind & patient approach while still being able to provide the challenge I needed to break unhelpful patterns of thinking”. DTJ August 2019

“Throughout my career I have had numerous managers that provided feedback but Victoria goes that step further by opening my eyes to new ideas thus leading to new opportunities & bigger goal setting. I class Victoria as a friend as well as a previous work colleague who always had time for everyone and she always reacted in a calming professional manner. I would recommend Victoria to any potential new employer as they would be employing a great manager, team player & work coach”. CL May 2019

“Victoria is a very respectful, caring & understanding manager. She is a skilled clinical professional with proven success in clinical service delivery & stakeholder management. She is passionate about coaching & mentoring & supporting & developing people. I have felt her calmness, emphatic & approachable style of management & her ability to adapt to complex & continuous change in times of uncertainty & change. Victoria is highly skilled in people development, quality assurance, project management, leadership & development. I would work with Victoria at any opportunity”. Becky Munuwa November 2018